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AMD Phenom II X4 975 BE & 840 Quad-Core Processors AMD Phenom II X4 975 BE & 840 Quad-Core Processors
Review | January 4, 2011
Today AMD is releasing two new processors for the main-stream market. First up is a new top-end quad-core, the 3.6 GHz Phenom II X4 975 Black Edition. The X4 975 BE is simply a 100 MHz speed bump over the already familiar X4 970 BE with no other design changes. The second new processor is a budget quad-core, the 3.2 GHz Phenom II X4 840.

  Wednesday March 4th, 2015

By Jenna Pitcher Nvidia announced a new addition to its Shield lineup of devices, an Android-based living room device capable of 4K playback and capture, during its Game Developers Conference 2015 press event.

“First, it’s based on the most popular OS in the world. Second, the richness of the Google Play store, with it huge range of applications,” Nvidia CEO Jen-Hsun Huang said. “Third, it syncs with all my other devices. Finally, it has an incredible voice search capability.”

The "world’s first Android 4K TV" will be able to receive and capture 4K at up to 60 fps video “very soon.” The living room entertainment device also packs Android TV functionality so users can access a library of movies, TV and more.

The Nvidia Shield can run both local, and streamed games via its Nvidia Grid subscription based game streaming service, up to 1080p at 60fps. The gaming-centric device will launch with more than 50 games on the Grid store.

"What we need is a great store," Huang said. "Well, Google Play will have thousands of games. We created a store to curate the best of the best games, the ones designed for Shield."

Notable games mentioned during the event include ports of Doom 3, Crysis 3, Portal, Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, Half-Life 2: Episode 1, The Talos Principle, Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel, The Witcher 3, Dead Rising 2, Metro Last Light Redux, Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance, Batman: AO and Ultra Street Fighter 4.

The set-top box and console hybrid packs a Tegra X1 processor, which sports a 256-bit Maxwell GPU with 3GB of memory. Its body features a MicroSD slot, a Micro USB 2.0 port, two USB Type-A 3.0 ports, gigabit Ethernet port, and HDMI port.

The Nvidia Shield supports Android Bluetooth 4.1 and dual-band 801.11ac Wi-Fi connections, 7.1 and 5.1 surround sound over HDMI and an IR receiver.

The device will ship bundled with the Shield Controller for USD$199.

Posted By CybrSlydr @ 6:53 AM

  Tuesday March 3rd, 2015

SanDisk introduced the iNAND 7132 storage solution, the most advanced embedded storage solution from SanDisk to date. Designed for use in flagship mobile devices, the iNAND 7132 storage solution features SanDisk's new iNAND Accelerator Architecture with SmartSLC technology.

Available in capacities up to 64GB, iNAND 7132 storage solution enables original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) to introduce a new generation of high-capacity smartphones, tablets and connected devices that offer exceptional user experiences.

"iNAND 7132 is the perfect high capacity storage solution for the next generation of smartphones, tablets and smart devices," said Drew Henry, senior vice president and general manager for Mobile and Connected Solutions at SanDisk. "Featuring our new iNAND Accelerator Architecture with SmartSLC, our best-in-class iNAND 7132 storage solution delivers amazing performance for faster burst photography and 4K Ultra HD video capture, supports the newest 802.11 standards with ease, and enables blazingly fast data side-loading."

Source: Guru3D

Posted By CybrSlydr @ 8:48 AM

SanDisk Corporation, a global leader in flash storage solutions, today introduced the 200GB SanDisk Ultra microSDXC UHS-I card, Premium Edition, the world's highest capacity microSD card for use in mobile devices.

In just one year after introducing its record-breaking 128GB SanDisk Ultra microSDXC card, SanDisk has increased storage capacity by 56% within the same fingernail-sized form factor. Keeping up with the demands of today's mobile users, the new card provides the freedom to capture, save and share photos, videos and other files without worrying about storage limitations.

Source: Guru3D

Posted By CybrSlydr @ 8:45 AM

Microsoft Windows 10 will get official support for USB 3.1 functionality such as dual-role peripherals, external displays and the new Type-C connector.

While it's not terribly surprising, it is exciting to see that Windows 10 will bring support for the feature-rich USB 3.1 protocol. The addition was all but confirmed by a seminar description at Microsoft's WinHEC (Windows Hardware Engineering Community) Conference. Entitled "Enabling New USB Connectivity Scenarios in Windows 10", the March 18 session for hardware partners carries the description:

Windows 10 introduces support for USB Dual Role and Type-C, which will enable new wired connectivity scenarios such a phone interacting with USB peripherals, or laptops connecting to an external display using the USB Type-C connector. This session will go into detail on how Windows supports these technologies and what you need to do to enable them. Topics include: Overview of the new use cases introduced with USB Dual Role and Type-C, What scenarios are and aren’t supported for Dual Role devices, Using Alternate Modes (e.g. DisplayPort, Thunderbolt, or MHL) over Type-C, Support for Power Delivery, enabling devices to provide/consume up to 100W over USB, Hardware and software architecture changes for Dual Role and Type-C, and Building a Windows system with Dual Role and/or Type-C support. Intended Audience: OEMs, ODMs, IDHs, IHVs, Peripheral Manufacturers, Driver Developers.

Read our USB 3.1 preview here

Source: Guru3D

Posted By CybrSlydr @ 8:40 AM

  Tuesday February 10th, 2015

Word has it that the popular US pc cooling and modding website FrozenCPU has reportedly closed it's doors according to an inside source on the overclock.net forum.

This inside source in to FrozenCPU says that all staff has been fired and the company has no plans to re-establish itself and given the fact that all the staff has been fired that no more orders will be taken and that no action has been taken to update the website or to inform the community.

"The owner has struggled a long battle with addiction, and events that unfolded earlier last week have rendered the company unoperational and shut down for good. Physical damage of the warehouse has occurred as well as the dismissal of all support and warehouse staff; the company has no plans of re-establishing themselves."

"I want to protect the community that fostered my love for computers and technology from sending payments or spending money on products that will not come. Some users have already caught on to this fact after their UPS Overnights were not delivered today. Since all staff has been fired, nobody is updating the website to inform the loyal community about the closure, nor has anyone taken steps to shut the website down. "

Source: Overclock3D

Holy crap!!
Hope you guys don't have a pending order!

Edit:more info


"We just heard back from Mark Friga, the owner of FrozenCPU.com, a long time enthusiast community supplier, and he explained to me that FrozenCPU is in fact not going out of business as rumored earlier today. He said that FrozenCPU is currently running a skeleton crew and to please bare with his company while the it is ramping back up to 100% employee capacity."
source: HardOCP

New update 2/11/15
Check the pic's here.... heartbreaking... that last pic of the Frozen Tech bench made by Bill at MNPCtech

vid confirming what Mr.Scott said in post #9

more pic's here

their phones have been disconnected..... not looking good.

adding more credibility to the out of control claim.

edit: 2-15-15
Bill at MNPCtech has made a statement, that includes this...

"On 2/13/15, I received this text message from Bucky
"Bill, Bucky here, I appreciate your kind words from the limited reading I have done on forums as of late. Just so you are aware I am no longer employed at fcpu and will not be returning under any circumstances while in marks control At some point I will tell you the WHOLE story over a few beers"
Over my six year experience in working with FrozenCPU, Bucky was the spine of the company."


frozencpu.com has been updated!!!!!!!

"Site down until further notice
February 15, 2015
FrozenCPU.com will not be processing orders until future notice."


It seems the update may have been made by the eCommerce provider, not Mark...
OK everyone, the front page post is from the eCommerce provider, not from FCPU staff:

> Last thing, did you guys post the notice on the homepage, or has someone from FrozenCPU suddenly given sign of life?

That was by us. We still haven't heard from Mark.

full email conversation here

Posted By Prozium @ 10:30 PM

By Wesley CopelandValve has asked developers to not give out Steam keys in exchange for Greenlight votes.

The message was sent to developers via an announcement page, which is locked, but a screencap of the message can be read on the Steam Database Twitter account.

“When you give away copies of your game in exchange for votes, you put us in a really uncomfortable position,” writes Valve. “We do not think these votes accurately reflect customer interest and it makes our job harder in deciding which games customers would actually buy and play on Steam.”

Valve goes on to mention that giving away copies of a game in exchange for votes could set a bad precedent whereby other developers see what’s happening, and then think that’s what they need to do to ensure votes. It’s a system which Valve doesn’t think is “healthy” or “what customers want.”
“We understand that running contests or giving away copies of your game can be viewed as a form of marketing,” continues Valve. “But for the purposes of Greenlight, we don’t think that giving away copies of your game in exchange for votes accurately reflects genuine customer interest.”

In other Valve news, the company recently revealed that since its inception, users on the Steam Workshop service - who have created custom in-game content for sale in Team Fortress 2, Dota 2, and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive - have collectively brought in over $57 million.
“When we launched the Workshop late in 2011, we expected that it would grow, but not that it would grow this much, this quickly,” wrote Valve’s Alden Kroll. http://oystatic.ignimgs.com/src/core...d_dpad_red.png

Source: IGN

Posted By CybrSlydr @ 8:44 AM

  Sunday February 8th, 2015

"By combining the functions of a router, a range extender and a repeater into a single device, thus making the Eero a complete WiFi system for the home. Wirelessly connect two or more Eeros together and you've got an instant mesh network, no IT degree required.

The idea seems a little far-fetched at first, but Eero has some pretty good credentials backing it up. Amongst its advisors is former Apple exec and Palm CEO Jon Rubinstein. Fred Bould, who's part of the design team behind the Nest thermostat and smoke detector, the designer behind the GoPro Hero3 and the latest Roku boxes, is not just an advisor, but also the creative mind behind the Eero's industrial design. Its founding team -- Nick Weaver, Amos Schallich and Nate Hardison -- are all Stanford graduates who come from strong backgrounds in networking. Many of its employees are from Google and Silver Spring, a company that built one of the largest mesh networks in the world. It seems that Eero might know what it's talking about after all."

Eero looks like a big step forward in the wireless space simplification for home and small business networking. The firmware designer compares it to a small scale Meraki Cloud option, but noted a OpenWRT build will be available without the cloud linked updates as well.

The text message guest access, self monitoring, roaming, and gigabit wired bridging look like the most promising features for my setup. If it works as well as they claim, my parents are getting several for the holidays too, no more WiFi is down support calls for me.

Source: Engadget
Product Site: https://www.eero.com

Lastly of course a tasteless plug to get 10$ off my own pre-order :p

Posted By Spartacus @ 11:55 AM

  Friday February 6th, 2015

While Intel formally announced availability of Broadwell-U processors at CES this year, vendors did not actually have any devices available for purchase containing Intel vPro technology. Today that changes, as Intel states the HP Elite x2 1011 and several devices from Fujitsu sporting 5th Generation Intel vPro processors are now available with more to arrive shortly. Businesses that rely on vPro’s management features are now able to purchase new laptops containing Intel’s Broadwell-U processors with vPro features. The main announcement today is of availability, and as such Intel’s press release recaps many of the existing features of Broadwell; rather than cover them one more time, those interested should visit the Broadwell tag for further reading.

Source: Anandtech

Posted By CybrSlydr @ 3:58 PM

About a year and a half ago AMD kicked off the public half of a race to improve the state of graphics APIs. Dubbed "Mantle", AMD’s in-house API for their Radeon cards stripped away the abstraction and inefficiencies of traditional high-level APIs like DirectX 11 and OpenGL 4, and instead gave developers a means to access the GPU in a low-level, game console-like manner. The impetus: with a low-level API, engine developers could achieve better performance than with a high-level API, sometimes vastly exceeding what DirectX and OpenGL could offer.

While AMD was the first such company to publicly announce their low-level API, they were not the last. 2014 saw the announcement of APIs such as DirectX 12, OpenGL Next, and Apple’s Metal, all of which would implement similar ideas for similar performance reasons. It was a renaissance in the graphics API space after many years of slow progress, and one desperately needed to keep pace with the progress of both GPUs and CPUs.

In the PC graphics space we’ve already seen how early versions of Mantle perform, with Mantle offering some substantial boosts in performance, especially in CPU-bound scenarios. As awesome as Mantle is though, it is currently a proprietary AMD API, which means it can only be used with AMD GPUs; what about NVIDIA and Intel GPUs? For that we turn towards DirectX, Microsoft’s traditional cross-vendor API that will be making the same jump as Mantle, but using a common API for the benefit of every vendor in the Windows ecosystem.

DirectX 12 was first announced at GDC 2014, where Microsoft unveiled the existence of the new API along with their planned goals, a brief demonstration of very early code, and limited technical details about how the API would work. Since then Microsoft has been hard at work on DirectX 12 as part of the larger Windows 10 development effort, culminating in the release of the latest Windows 10 Technical Preview, Build 9926, which is shipping with an early preview version of DirectX 12.

Source: Anandtech

Posted By CybrSlydr @ 3:55 PM

A law firm from the US that specializes in class action litigation is now homing in on Nvidia, this was to be expected in some form. In our findings widely explained here the firm is seeking people who bought a GeForce GTX 970 and is asking them how it performs.

Here is that request from the New York based Bursor & Firsher, P.a.
Remember guys, this lawfirm is investigating. Also realize that any money in lawsuit often go to greedy cash-grab lawyers, not so much the customers. But that is just my personal opinion of course.

Source: Guru3D

Posted By CybrSlydr @ 3:53 PM

In a rough simplified explanation the disabled L2 unit causes a challenge, an offset performance hit tied to one of the memory controllers. To divert that performance hit the memory is split up into two segments, bypassing the issue at hand, a tweak to get the most out of a lesser situation. Both memory partions are active and in use, the primary 3.5 GB partion is very fast, the 512MB secondary partion is much slower.

Thing is, the quantifying fact is that nobody really has massive issues, dozens and dozens of media have tested the card with in-depth reviews like the ones here on my site. Replicating the stutters and stuff you see in some of the video's, well to date I have not been able to reproduce them unless you do crazy stuff, and I've been on this all weekend. Overall scores are good, and sure if you run out of memory at one point you will see perf drops. But then drop from 8 to like 4x AA right ?

Nvidia messed up badly here .. no doubt about it. The ROP/L2 cache count was goofed up and slipped through the mazes and ended up in their reviewers guides and spec sheets, and really ... they should have called this a 3.5 GB card with an extra layer of L3 cache memory or something. Right now Nvidia is in full damage control, however I will stick to my recommendations, the GeForce GTX 970 is still a card we like very much in the up-to 2560x1440 (WHQD) domain, but it probably should have been called a 3.5 GB product with an added 512MB L3 cache.

To answer my own title question, does Nvidia have a memory allocation bug ? Nope, this all was done per design, Nvidia however failed to communicate this completely with the tech-media and thus in the end, the people that buy the product.

Source: Guru3D

Posted By CybrSlydr @ 3:50 PM

Aah, just a few MHz more this time. But G.SKILL has a new record for fastest DDR4 memory frequency, set at 4355 MHz. The record was set with G.SKILL's extreme performance Ripjaws 4 series DDR4 memory on the ASUS Rampage V Extreme motherboard and Intel i7-5960X processor - with liquid nitrogen.

In addition to this new DDR4 frequency record, G.SKILL memory kits have also been used to set a total of 9 world records in January 2015 (source). TridentX series memory and 3 world records set with the G.SKILL Ripjaws 4 series memory, this marks a great start to the year or 2015.

Check out the CPU-Z record validation here.

Source: Guru3D

Posted By CybrSlydr @ 3:44 PM

  Wednesday January 28th, 2015

By Mike MahardyAt the live Windows 10 event held by Microsoft today, details of the upcoming DirectX 12 API were revealed.

DirectX 12 will supposedly give more control to developers, with more complexity and better frame rate performance, Microsoft's Phil Spencer said. DirectX 12 also cuts the power consumption of DirectX 11 in half, allowing more mobile devices to run "high-end" mobile games.

Additionally, Spencer announced that Unity has adopted DirectX 12. Games such as Fable Legends will be able to use the programming interface to allow cross-platform play between Windows 10 PC and Xbox One owners.
DirectX is Microsoft's collection of programming interfaces for gaming and video, and was first released in 1995 as the Windows Games software development kit. Adoption of DirectX was initially slow, but DirectX 2.0 eventually became a component of Windows 95.
IGN has a complete wrap up from today's Windows 10 reveal, including a look at a holographic version of Minecraft. http://oystatic.ignimgs.com/src/core...d_dpad_red.png

Source: IGN

Posted By CybrSlydr @ 2:18 PM

  Wednesday January 21st, 2015

Microsoft has revealed that Windows 10 will bring its voice-controlled assistant Cortana to PCs.

It also unveiled a headset that it said would one day project the operating system over views of the real world.

In addition, the firm announced that the OS upgrade would be offered free of charge for devices running Windows 8, Windows 7 and Windows Phone.
The offer, which is limited to the Windows 10's first year of release, may aid its adoption.

It marks a change in strategy from Microsoft's previous policy of charging for major updates, and could help avoid a repeat of the relatively slow uptake of Windows 8.

Source: BBC News

Posted By lexandro @ 12:35 AM

  Tuesday January 13th, 2015

Game Content Usage Rules

Last Updated: January 2015
We know that people like you – gamers, fans, individuals, and enthusiasts – love our games and sometimes want to use things like gameplay footage, screenshots, music, and other elements of our games ("Game Content") to make things like machinima, videos, and other cool things (your "Item(s)"). We'd like to make that easier to do for fans of our games. So long as you can respect these rules, you can use our Game Content to make your Items.


What are the Rules?

In order to make sure we can continue making games we love to make and you love to play, there are some Rules that apply to our license grant for your Items. It's tough to predict everything people will do, but there are some things that you can and can't do.
  • You can't reverse engineer our games to access the assets or otherwise do things that the games don't normally permit in order to create your Items.
  • You can't use Game Content to create an Item that is pornographic, lewd, obscene, vulgar, discriminatory (on the basis of race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, etc.), illegal, hate speech, promoting violence, drug use or any illegal activity, promoting crimes against humanity, genocide or torture, or is otherwise objectionable. Whether an Item is "objectionable" is up to us, but you can expect us to be concerned if a significant number of people in the game’s community or the public at large report the content as offensive. If you see an Item or content that you consider objectionable, we recommend that you first report it to the online service where it is hosted, as it may violate that service’s policy too. But you can also report it to us here and we’ll see what we can do.
  • Except as described here, you can't sell or otherwise earn any compensation from your Item, including through advertisements in the Item. This means you can't charge money in exchange for your Item, post it on a site that requires subscription or other fees to view the Item, or post it on a page you use to sell other items or services(even if they have nothing to do with Game Content or Microsoft). You also can't use Game Content in an app that you sell in an app store.
  • You may make your Item available on Youtube or Twitch and participate in programs on those sites that allow you to earn revenue from ads displayed in connection with your Item.
  • If the Item you create and distribute is a free app, then you must distribute it for free (you can't charge for it), and you also can’t earn any money from advertising in that app.
  • You may use the Item to enter a contest or sweepstakes as long as the contest organizers agree to follow these rules.
  • You may use the Item on a page where you ask for optional donation requests.
  • Once you've made and distributed your Item, anyone else using it also has to follow these rules.
  • If your Item is an app or website, it can’t include any malware, adware, spyware or lead to spam or phishing attempts.
  • You cannot enter into any agreement with someone else to exclusively distribute your Item even if they don't pay you. We give you this license so that you can make cool Items and share them far and wide. Someone else holding your Item back from wide distribution means: (a) it's not going far and wide; and (b) it is very likely that person is trying to use the Game Content to promote their commercial venture. That's not what these Rules are about.
  • Where someone is trying to use Game Content to promote their commercial venture (even just a commercial website), they need our permission to do this. That is not allowed today unless that person has a commercial license from us, and so far, we haven't given anyone permission to do this. We'll let you know if we do.
  • If you want to use the soundtracks or audio effects from the original game, we often license those from or to third parties and don't always have the rights to pass them on to you. If we do, we'll let you know. For example, we might mention on the community website for a particular game whether you have these rights, so you'd do well to check. If we don't let you know, you need permission from a third party, especially for games with licensed music. But we'll confirm right here that the music from Halo 3 is available for your use in non-profit ventures thanks to an arrangement with O'Donnell/Salvatori, Inc., composers of this iconic theme.
  • You can't infringe anyone's IP rights in your Item.
  • You can't use any of Microsoft's trademarked logos or names except in the ways described in the pages linked from www.microsoft.com/trademarks.
  • In addition, your Items may not use the name of the Microsoft Game in their title. For example, we don't object to "Red vs. Blue". We don't object to "Operation Chastity". But we do object to "Halo [insert the title of your Item here]". We want to make sure consumers don't get confused.
  • Along those same lines, please don't use actual logos from the Microsoft Game as part of your Item's logos.
If you do any of these things, we may tell you or others that your Item violates these Rules, that you have to stop distributing your Item right away, or that you need a commercial license. So there.


This means that if you add to the game universe or expand on the story told in the game with "lost chapters" or back story or anything like that, distribution of your story or idea may appear in a future game without any compensation to you. (Sorry, but our lawyers tell us we need to do this in order to avoid frivolous lawsuits getting in the way of making more great games.) It also means we can put your Item on a Microsoft site or property if we want to.

Source: Xbox.com

All seems pretty reasonable, actually. I bolded the first bit as cracking stuff and seeing what's inside is part of what people do - I think it's dumb of them to say folks can't do that.

However, the last bit, "Whatever you make in the "universe" we own and don't have to pay you" is not surprising, but pretty ****.

Posted By CybrSlydr @ 9:34 AM

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