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Extreme Voltage Mod For KT7/KT7A

Date Written: April 10, 2001
Writen By: Jason Rabel

Disclaimer :

First I must say that Extreme Overclocking is not liable for any damages that may happen from you modding your motherboard. Don't even think of using a traditional heat sink / fan combo, this is for water cooling or better! This mod will void your warranty on your motherboard, CPU, and probably the rest of your system...hehe... Sounds like fun huh?


Where To Start :

This mod is for the ABIT KT7/KT7A (RAID too) motherboards, which currently have a max voltage of 1.85v (my system showed 1.89v was the actual output). This voltage is fine and dandy for most people, but some people want just a little more juice to gain that extra few MHz out of their system. Well, by soldering a few wires to your board, and by using various resistors, you can increase the voltage to some pretty unbelievable levels!

First thing is first, I'm assuming you already own a KT7/KT7A motherboard (or are planning on getting one). But the other things you will need are:

  • 4 small wires of equal length

  • Wire Cutters

  • Various Resistors (Exact ones will be discussed later)

  • Soldering Iron (I suggest about 15w) & Solder

  • Magnifying Glass

  • Hot Glue Gun (Optional)

If you look below you will see that I used some old wires that were originally for my HD & reset on an old AT case. These are nice because the little connectors can be used to insert a resistor and not make it permanent. The box on the right is all my various resistors I have (Don't be fooled, that's only like $4 worth). Buying a resistor in 5 packs (smallest quantity you can purchase) costs less than .50 cents, they are very cheap.


First you will need a well lit place to work on the board. All these pictures are taken from the same direction as to minimize confusion. The first picture below contains a red box which is the general vicinity you will be working. (All images you can click on for a close-up)


On To Page 2 For The Soldering -->



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