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Lazer LEDs

Company: CrazyPC
Lazer LEDs
Street Price: $19.95 USD
Date Reviewed: February 26, 2002
Reviewed By: Vinny


If you have wanted to add a bit of light to your case but don't want to go through the pain of installing a neon or cold cathode then this review is for you.  Recently I received one of these little lights from Crazy PC.

Personally, I have been wanting to add a light to the inside of my case for quite some time, but had been putting it off. I was dreading the amount of time it would take for me to mount a cold cathode or neon light and really didn't feel like going to the trouble. I had honestly been putting it off for about a month and a half when I saw this little thing.

I wondered if it would be able to generate enough light to achieve the effect that I wanted, but was more than happy to give it a shot.



Here are the specifications for the light:

     Low Heat Output
     200,000 Hour Life (22 Years)
     Waterproof & Shockproof
     Voltage Range  12 - 14 VDC
     Draw Less Than 26mA @ 12VDC
     Dimensions: 1-11/16" L x 3/8" H x 5/8" D



Installation was pretty easy for the most part.  The small size of the unit allows for placement almost anywhere in your case.  The only complaint I have is the mounting hardware that came with the light.

The light came complete with what looks like two wood screws.  Now I don't know where in my case they want me to use those screws to mount the light, but it sure wouldn't be where I wanted.  I personally think they should have included a piece of double sided tape for mounting the light. I'm sure there are many different creative ways people have mounted this light since it is so tiny and can fit just about anywhere.

The light plugs into a standard 4 Pin Molex connector, and beyond that there are no switches or inverters or anything like that.  From the looks of it, installing a switch in line with the light would be an extremely easy mod, and I may do that here in the near future.

The instructions that came with the light were extremely basic:

  • Turn off the computer
  • Plug the light into a 4 pin Molex connector and turn on the computer.

Not that there needs to be more instructions than that but I thought I would mention it.


Ghetto Install Job:

Since there was no good mounting hardware with the light I had to get a little creative. I just happen to have this magical roll of masking tape lying around that seemed perfect for the job.

I took a small rolled piece of tape and stuck it to the bottom of the light, then to the corner of the power supply.   Then took another piece of tape to make it stay at a 45 degree angle on the PS.  All in all I think it took me a grand total of 3 minutes to mount the light, which is incredibly quick compared to the amount of time it would have taken me to mount a Neon or a Cold Cathode light in the case.



I was surprised by the amount of light the three LEDs gave off and the fact that it generates zero heat. It is a real nice color of blue and as good as the pictures look, it looks even better in real life.

Unlike a Neon or Cold Cathode the light is somewhat directional, so it will not light up your entire case. However if you position it right, it will light up everything you can see through the window. If you want to highlight a specific section of your case then this light is perfect for you.

These lights are available in Blue, Red, Green and White from Crazy PC for $19.95. They also have other excellent case mod products to customize your case.

   Generates little to no heat
   Requires almost no power to run
   Small size allows for installation anywhere in the case
   Cheaper than neon or cold cathode

   Does not come with good mounting hardware
   Does not provide as much light as a Neon or Cold Cathode


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