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The Card Cooler XT

Date Reviewed: August 15, 2000
Reviewed By:
Jason Rabel
Company URL: http://www.thecardcooler.com
Cost: $34 USD

First Impressions & Installation:

The Card Cooler XT is nothing short of being a monster! Using two huge Sunon fans mounted on a custom bracket, The Card Cooler XT easily covers all your card slots and part of your CPU. This beast may not be for everyone, one thing I noticed is that in smaller cases it simply won't fit, so be sure to measure the space first! But for everyone with a good size Mid / Full tower you are in luck!


2 - 120mm Sunon

Power Consumption

2.4 watts / each

Fan Speed

2400 RPM
Bearing System

Ball Bearing

Noise Level 35.5db / fan
Air Delivery 69CFM each - TOTAL 138CFM!!!

Installation couldn't be simpler, you simply remove a couple screws that hold down your cards, position The Card Cooler XT over the spot you want, and screw them back in! Then you plug the power connector into the standard 4 pin connection, and you are good to go.


Temp's & Conclusion:

This baby is sweet! I tested it with my Geforce DDR w/Tennmax Lasgna BGA Cooler (Read the review for that), and I also took a couple case temps. 

Temp Location Idle Full Load

Without The Card Cooler XT

Video Card 

116.6 F 130.3 F
Case Temp 1 82 F 100 F
Case Temp 2 82 F 104 F
Now With The Card Cooler XT
Video Card 110.7 F

122 F

Case Temp 1 78 F 98 F
Case Temp 2 78 F 95 F

See the difference? Six to eight degree drop for the video card, and about a five degree drop for the case temp! The Card Cooler XT really fits the job of circulating the air over the PCI/AGP cards in a system and keeping them a lot cooler. This unit really isn't as noisy as you may thing, with your case on it's just a low "hum"... One thing you may notice about the picture is that it is partially covering my Alpha Cooler, and as we all know Alpha's are supposed to blow upwards. This presents a unique problem since The Card Cooler XT is blowing downwards, they are counteracting each other's efforts. Solution? I simply switched the bottom fan on the Alpha to blow downwards too...

For $34 I would consider this a good investment, when you consider these are high quality 120mm ball bearing Sunon fans, you could expect to pay $15 each for them, so throw in a little for the heavy duty brackets and finger guards and screws. Total that up and you can figure out that you are not getting ripped off by price markups. Jacque over at The Card Cooler has really done it this time coming out with an excellent product to complement their original card cooler (which is still for sale for you people with smaller cases or just wanting something smaller / cheaper)...

So now you are asking yourself, "Gee, where can I get one of these?!?!" Well, get them straight from the source at www.thecardcooler.com! Or you can win one for free by going to our contest page! (This page will be where all the contests are, so bookmark it when you go there!)

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