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CoolTech Modula2 2F12F Water Cooling Kit

Company: CoolTech
Product: Modula2 2F12F Water Cooling Kit
Street Price: ~$185 USD
Date Reviewed: June 12, 2004
Reviewed By: Andrew Benicasa

CoolTech Modula2 2F12F Water Cooling Kit


Today we are looking at the Cooltech Modula2 2F12F AMD water cooling kit. About Interma S.r.l. straight from their site, Intema S.r.l. has working hard to reach its products today standard in quality and performance. Our products category includes all the necessary to build a complete liquid cooling system. From our Waterblocks, Ultrablock S462 and S478, to our high quality Heat Radiator (RD322 & RD321) we can satisfy all kind of thermal cooling requirements. The Cooltech unit is covered by a 2 year warranty from the date of purchase for any parts failures. Intema is located in Fiorano Modenese Italy. Intema/Cooltech has assembled a very complete kit for water cooling beginners like my self, included in it is everything necessary to have the system up and running in no time.


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