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GlobalWin CAK4-86

Company: GlobalWin
Product: Intel / AMD Compatible HSF
Date Reviewed: September 13, 2002
Reviewed By: Jason



GlobalWin's latest copper heatsink is called the CAK4-86, which is designed for both AMD & Intel CPUs. As you can see from the pictures below, to attach to an Athlon processor you simply use the heatsink as it comes out of the box using the clip in the middle. But for a P4 you will need to remove the center clip, attach two side feet, then use the pair of retention clips to hold it in place.

Besides mounting hardware for both AMD & Intel, you get a 3-to-4 pin adapter with the extra lead so you can still check RPMs, and a packet of thermal compound. The fan is an 80mm 5700 RPM Delta, and it's LOUD! The fan adapter attaches the 80mm fan to the 70mm holes on the heatsink (more about the adapter in a few). The heatsink itself is all copper with a good thick base for absorbing heat.

One problem I encountered when swapping between Athlon & P4 was that I didn't notice that one side of the shroud was notched out (as pictured on the right), while the other side wasn't (pictured on the left). If the shroud is reversed you will end up with unusually high temps, so make sure you put the shroud back on the way you took it off. I also had to try about 4 or 5 different screwdrivers before I found one that fit the notch in the clip and I could hook it on the tabs on the motherboard. One of my screwdrivers slipped and I took a good gash out of my finger, so take care when mounting this heatsink.

The copper fins are made using the latest skiving process which allows for a very thin and dense configuration. Another advantage is that the block is all one solid piece of copper. One thing that interested me was the fan adapter, if you notice there is a piece of it that runs down the middle. It is called the "Blue Tai-Chi" and it works by creating some sort of unbalanced / offset air flow which I guess performs better than a regular fan adapter without the air-flow director. On the box it say's, "Heat Will Go", so we'll just take their word that it works.


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