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Zalman CNPS9300AT CPU Cooler

Date: January 29, 2009
Product: CNPS9300AT CPU Cooler
Company: Zalman
Author: Patrick Rader

Supplied By: Xoxide

Zalman CNPS9300AT


When choosing a heatsink for overclocking your processor, two things come to mind. How well does it cool, and how quiet is it? Zalman has been known for its silent PC hardware for quite some time now. Today we will be looking at the Zalman CNPS 9300AT. CNPS stands for Computer Noise Prevention System. This heatsink is the smaller version of the extremely popular CNPS9700 and CNPS9500 models. Because of its smaller size, it obviously won't be able to dissipate as much heat as the larger models. However, there are always situations where bigger isn't always better, this heatsink should be able to squeeze into smaller cases and would make a great candidate for HTPC systems.

For our purposes though, we want to see how much heat the CNPS9300AT can really handle. Read on to see how this petite heatsink fairs against a blazing Intel Extreme QX6850.

A special thanks goes out to Xoxide for supplying the Zalman CNPS 9300 AT for review.


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