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Kingmax Hardcore Series PC4000 DDR Memory (2x512MB)

Company: Kingmax
Product: 1GB (2x512MB) PC4000 DDR Hardcore Series
Date Reviewed: June 2, 2004
Reviewed By: Daniel Swords aka rds0811
Rating: (5/5)

Kingmax Hardcore Series PC4000 DDR Memory


There are a lot of big names that come up when talking about high performance DDR memory these days, like Corsair, OCZ, Kingston, Geil, etc, but to be honest a name I was totally unfamiliar with was Kingmax. That all changed the day I received 2 512MB sticks of Kingmax Hardcore Series PC4000 DDR RAM.

First off, I think it's a good idea to give some background info on the company called Kingmax. I've taken this info straight off the Kingmax site here.


Kingmax Semiconductor Inc.

The Kingmax Group was established in 1989, and its subsidiary Kingmax Semiconductor Inc has always been dedicated to providing the finest memory solutions. Since its release, Kingmax's proprietary TinyBGA memory module has received constant praise from the computer hardware media worldwide. Kingmax has received over 60 awards domestically and internationally—An excellent honor among global memory manufacturers. With a name brand that has become synonymous with top quality and superior performance. Kingmax has been ranked in the top 5! Memory module manufacturers in a worldwide survey conducted by isuppli.com2003. In 2003 PC Week has ranked Kingmax the #1 memory module manufacturer in Taiwan!

In 2001 Kingmax expanded and diversified their operations and formed Kingmax Digital, Inc. Kingmax Digital will focus on the R&D and manufacturing of flash storage products for use in a wide range of portable electronic devices; including digital cameras, mobile cameras, digital video cameras, PDA’s, MP3’s and others. Kingmax has developed its own patented technology; (Product in Package.) PIP technology will offer a cost effective yet highly reliable solution to any small factor memory card incorporating the Plug and Play feature. PIP Technology will vastly improve your performance speed and density, doubling the standard plastic card body. Because of the molding compound PIP technology utilizes, over the standard plastic card body the product is extremely durable; allowing it to be waterproof, heat resistant and shock resistant.

Kingmax follows extremely stringent quality control procedures, all products are IS9001 certified. Kingmax invest heavily in the R&D to be able to develop the most innovative products in the market to best serve our customers and partners. Kingmax has received worldwide acclaim for their innovative design and outstanding quality. Kingmax is a global company employing 240 employees with offices in the US, Taiwan, Mainland China, Hong Kong and Australia

1. Founded in 1989
2. Annual Revenue 200,000,000 USD
3. Employee 240
4. Headquarters: Hsin-Chu, Industrial Park, Hu-Kou, Taiwan
5. Design and Manufacture Memory upgrades
6. IS9001 Certified
7. Global Company, Mainland China, Hong Kong, US, and Australia
8. KINGMAX other affiliates KINGPAK Technology Inc. and KINGMAX Digital

Kingmax Semiconductor Inc.


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