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ABIT IC7 MAX3 (875P): New Overclocking Champion?

Company: ABIT
Product: IC7 MAX3
Street Price: $225 USD
Date Reviewed: September 25, 2003
Reviewed By: Joey Chao



ABIT is definitely not a stranger when it comes to enthusiast motherboards. Over the years, they have provided some of the best mainboards in terms of features and overclocking options. When Intel released the 875P (canterwood) chipset, ABIT designed the IC7-G motherboard. The item was a success attracting most of the overclockers and at one time 9 out of the top 10 3DMarks scores were all obtained using the IC7. If there is one thing about ABIT that makes them different, it has to be that they know how to push the envelope even further.

You may remember ABIT's OTES (Outside Thermal Exhaust System) first being introduced on their GeForce 4 TI4200 video cards. The cooling device was very unique in that it cooled the card as well as expelling the warm air out the back of the case. The "new" IC7 MAX3 also uses this cooling system. OTES for the MAX3 is designed to keep the power regulation mosfets and capacitors cool, which are some of the hottest components on a motherboard. Some people have performed tests showing that the cooler you can keep these parts, the better the power and overclocking experience. So is this board going to be the new overclocking king? Read on to find out.


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